At Boyd McDowell, we aim to take the stress out of retirement.  We understand that the road to retirement can take some unexpected twists and turns.  By reviewing and assessing your financial position now we can help you set plans in place to fund your ‘future’.

Superannuation can be somewhat complex and often confusing.  Our job is to explain, answer questions and assist you in understanding your Superannuation and the legalities and compliance obligations that surround Superannuation funds.

We have 40 years combined industry experience in Taxation, Accounting, Financial Planning and Wealth Management and can assist with any of your questions relating to any of the following:

  • Taxation planning for superannuation

  • Investment advice.

  • Portfolio management.

  • Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF).

  • Advice on investing in public offer superannuation funds.

  • Succession planning


You deserve to be able to enjoy your retirement with financial freedom, our job is to help you achieve that dream 

Risk Protection.jpg

The regrets that can come with not having adequate insurance is something that Boyd McDowell do not want you to experience.  Your most important asset is “you” so it is critical to have insurance that protects you and in-turn your family.

Risk insurance covers you in the event that an accident or illness prevents you from working. We will take the time to discuss the type of insurance that best suits you and gives you the best possible cover-


  • Life insurance.

  • Total & permanent disablement insurance.

  • Trauma insurance.

  • Income protection.


Everyone has different needs – our job is to understand what your short-term and long-term financial needs are, and how we can assist you to satisfy them.

Sensible Wealth Management is about considering your Lifestyle requirements, your future plans whether it be for the next 10 years or the next 40 years,  understanding your Risk tolerance and having a clear picture of your current financial position (assets & liabilities) .  Our planners can put strategies in place to help achieve financial well-being and  piece of mind.  Once you are happy with our recommendations we can implement your plan and then review it to keep you on track.

Estate planning.jpg

You’ve worked hard your entire life to live comfortably and to reap the rewards of all your hard work. But have you considered, that if something unfortunate happens to you, are your family looked after? Are your assets and estate given to the people you wish to have them? Who will make all the important decisions if you are unable to make them?


At Boyd McDowell, we understand this is a hard conversation to have. But we aim to work closely with you to ensure the process is as seamless as possible and to ensure you understand everything you need to know with estate planning.


Including but not limited to;

  • What can you do to protect your estate?

  • Your will, including power of attorneys

  • A testamentary trust (as part of your will)

  • Superannuation binding nominations

  • An advance healthcare directive (what you'd like done with your body)

centrelink aged care.jpg

As your financial planner, you can ensure that the team at Boyd McDowell will assist you with any Centrelink enquiries you may have. What are you entitled to from Centrelink can be based on your age, assets and your income. You might hit different challenges and roadblocks when dealing with Centrelink, so having a strategy in place with the help of your trusted financial planner could improve your entitlements.

Aged Care.jpg

While it might be tough to think about aged care before you require it, we believe it is a wise decision to prepare in advance, what your options are when it comes to aged care.

There is a lot of information out there about aged care, which can become confusing. Your financial planner can answer the tricky questions about the aged care industry that will allow you to make an informed decision while you’re not under immediate pressure to act.